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Your friends are going to think you got new windows!

We service all kinds of windows, everything from old to new:

•   Thermopanes, tempered-glass, mirrors

•   Old-fashioned French windows and storm window combos

•   Glass inserts and antique lead frame "cut-ups"

On newer windows, we utilize the best pure-water technology in the industry. Our system purifies your water to an amazing zero parts-per-million TDS reading! Dirt is brushed away and rinsed off of your windows and frames from the saftey of the ground, leaving you with the best results money can buy!

Of course, sometimes traditional workmanship is what the job calls for -- and we offer only the best in this as well. Perhaps you've got an historical mansion, with old-fashioned windows and a third floor that can only be reached with a 40-foot ladder?  No problem!

We do it all the time. Many window cleaning companies avoid jobs on older homes that involve french windows, storm windows, lead dividers, and removable glass inserts because of the extra care and effort required. Not us! We do countless jobs in historical mansions and old colonial style homes in south Minneapolis.

You'll be amazed by what we can do with an older home.

Our window cleaning service generally includes the cleaning of screens, frames, and sills.

It is recommendable to have your windows cleaned at least once a year.  Most of my customers opt to have them done twice a year, with one of those times being a cleaning of just the outsides of the widows.  This seems to be a pretty good frequency for window cleaning for most homes around here.

Your clean windows will typically continue to look good for a few months to half a year, especially if we have regular precipitation.  Unusually long stretches of dry weather (or heavy nearby construction) will tend to soil the windows more quickly.  Also, if your lawn service uses leaf-blowers, it’s helpful to instruct them to not blow lawn debris at your house – this alone can go a long way in maintaining the beautiful clarity of your windows.

Of course, not all of my jobs are for routine cleanings.  I do a lot of work for folks who are preparing for special events, family reunions, or parties 

Thinking of selling your house?

Have us clean your windows and raise your asking price by thousands!

Your friends are going to think you got new windows!